Pente Cycling Photoshoot

Recently we had the pleasure of shooting a lifestyle-themed shoot for Pente Cycling’s new range of Jerseys.

The aim was to show the Jersey’s being worn in their intended environment, out on the roads by a Cyclist on a Road Bike. Fortunately being Bristol based we are blessed with the beautiful Durdham Down as a shooting location.

It was a bitterly cold morning so we scheduled for just over two hours to avoid David feeling the effects of the cold too much. I’m extremely pleased with what we achieved in such a short timeframe.

To start with we shot some imagery of the jerseys fairly close up just as the sun began to rise. Using the new Profoto A1 allowed us to maintain a constant exposure in constantly changing light conditions as well as lighting up the jerseys in a natural looking way. We wanted to avoid the off camera flash look as much as possible.


Next we moved on to the bulk of the shoot, the action shots. Mike had David ride towards the camera at a consistent speed whilst snapping away as he did. Taking advantage of the natural light up on the Down’s was key to the visual style of the shoot. Most of the shots we’re backlit to introduce just the slightest bit of flare into the images, and to keep the backgrounds slightly brighter than the jerseys.


A few weeks prior we also shot some studio based imagery for ecommerce purposes. The combination of the two styles of shot make for a very visually appealing design on Pente’s website.

Both ourselves and Pente are extremely happy with what we achieved and can’t wait to get stuck into further projects, which will include video in the future.

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