Black and White Fashion Photography

I'd been wanting to shoot black and white for a long time. But every time I attempted to so, I ended up quickly doing a U-turn and reverting back to colour. For me black and white photography is all about creating contrast and shadows. And until now, I wasn't confident in achieving such a look.

I recently invested in the Profoto Large Deep Silver Umbrella after using it on a shoot that I was assisting on. I love the soft but defined shadows that you can create with it when diffusing with either the diffusion pullover, or a large frame. It's as it's an extremely versatile modifier, which was the main reason I bought it. You can use it outside without the diffusion for a crisp hard light, or you can diffuse it and turn it into a huge softbox that can be really nice for head-shots and commercial work.

Profoto Deep Silver Umbrella

The styling for this shoot was pretty simple. I wanted all black clothing as it would stand out from the white backdrop. So I sent over this mood-board to Gingersnap and Amber sorted it out with what she had in her wardrobe.

Black and White Fashion Mood Board

To start with we tried shooting with a leather jacket over the top of the turtleneck, but it was making Amber look a bit neckless. So we lost it and I'm so glad we did. Minimalism was key to this shoot. For the first time I actually think I got pretty close to the original concept that I had in my head. I only ever planned on using once light source as the shadow of the legs was something that I really wanted to see.

Evie concentrated the shadows on the eye sockets and worked with Amber's natural contours to create a perfect smokey, but soft look. Focusing on her naturally dark eyes helped to emphasise the overall dark aesthetic of the images. We also roughed up Amber's hair for a more relaxed vibe.

It's becoming a bit of a trend, but this is my favourite shoot to date. Every time I'm learning something new and it's extremely satisfying when you're able to create the idea that you had in your head. I think I'll be using this set-up a lot in the coming weeks. And I can't wait to finally get stuck into an editorial.