Setting goals for 2018 (and meeting them)

I’ve been finding it increasingly important to set myself tangible goals with deadlines in the latter months of 2017. These have been as simple as updating my website weekly, approaching three new clients each week or bigger goals such as planning and setting a date in stone for an editorial project.


For me the word TANGIBLE is extremely important. Unrealistic goals have really bogged me down in the past, and caused serious procrastination. Bigger, wilder dreams tend to work themselves out over time to some degree, as long as you’re really committed to them. I’m not saying I won’t actively pursue them, (my biggest dream being to establish my own successful Production Company) but I’m not going to let them stress me out to the point that I lose focus, sleep and energy from completing the other small but important building blocks in life.  

So here are my 4 main goals for 2018. I feel that by writing them down (in cyber space) kinda commits me to them.

1. Writing a weekly blog post. This is something that I’m going to prioritise this year. I love writing and it’s taken a back seat over the past two years since falling out of love with the idea of working in the film industry. I need to rekindle this passion through short educational pieces and case studies for completed projects. I’m don't really qualified to teach, but we all have tips and tricks that we can share with others. A big reason for making this a top priority is that I’ve always been pretty awful with routine, so I’m hoping that by doing something I enjoy, and setting a deadline each week it may actually help other areas of my life. (going to the gym more than once a month. Cough cough.)

2. Posting a new photo to Instagram and Facebook every other day. This means shooting a lot more! Something I’m totally down for. From everything I’ve read and researched posting a photo per day or every other day is extremely important for creatives looking to build an online presence on social media. This will likely mean shooting more behind the scenes snaps, carrying a camera pretty much all of the time and shooting a new personal project fortnightly. Also utilising tools such as Later to schedule posts to social media and creating another routine will be a good habit to get into for the long run.

3. NETWORK. NETWORK. NETOWRK. Although this has been the best year financially since I started freelancing, my business is nowhere near where I want it to be yet. This will take years of hard graft, but meeting new industry contacts and business owners can only help to propel the process. So this year I’m making it a priority to get out of my joggers, put on a nice shirt and talk to real people. Scary right? In an increasingly online world it’s important not to forget that there is a human behind every brand or business. And cold emails and calls cannot beat face to face contact. They never will.

4. Finding a mentor. Now this is potentially the most important one. I’m still a young lad, and there is so much for me to learn. But honestly doing everything on my own is tough. I’m sure many of you are in a very similar position. Finding a Yoda figure who’s been there and done it to check in with every now and then could be the most important thing for my career and stress levels. So how will I find this person you ask? Hopefully by assisting brilliant photographers and filmmakers until a connection just clicks and make sense. More mentors than one would be great, but actually offering something in return for guidance or experience, I feel is a better approach in than just sending out blanket emails asking for someone to take me under their wing. Like anything else in life it’s got to be earnt, and not wasted.

These are just a few goals. Fairly small and absolutely achievable, but ones that I think will have a serious impact on my career and life over the next few years. Hopefully by writing them down and airing them out I’ll be able to tick them off, and give myself a pat on the back in 2019.

What are your goals for 2018? I’d love to start a discussion on this topic.

Peace and love! Have a wonderful festive period people! Here’s to 2018!