Dramatic One Light Fashion Lighting Breakdown.

Recently I setup a test with an awesome team. The aim - to shoot dramatic black and white fashion. I'm extremely happy with what we achieved, and I really wanted to share the process with you in order to show how simple it can be to light in this way.

This is almost as simple as setups get. Simplicity is what I’m all about when it comes to lighting, as once you have the right balance of light and contrast you can really focus on shooting without making constant changes and breaking the flow of a shoot.

To start with we set up one strobe with a Profoto Deep Large Umbrella. I love this modifier as it outputs a very crisp light, and you can focus the light in on your model or subject similarly to how you can with a far more expensive parabolic.

Next we added a 2x2 meter diffusion frame made by Lastolite.This is another of my favorite light shaping tools. Combining the Umbrella with the Frame in this way creates a huge softbox that produces extremely soft shadows. And due to the placement of the light creates nice fall-off and dramatic shadows.

Below is an overhead diagram of the setup.

One Light Fashion Photography Setup

I also created a quick video detailing this set up for those of you who like that kind of thing.

We shot a range of crops, and I'm extremely pleased with the outcome. The combination of Valencia's fierce look, dark hair, makeup and styling all came together really nicely to create a dramatic look.  

Once again I want to give a massive shout out to everyone who was involved in this shoot!

Model: Valencia Germain - https://www.instagram.com/valenciagermain/

Hair and Makeup: Lucie Minty - http://www.luciemintymakeup.co.uk/


Studio Assistant: Mike Bigger - http://www.mikebigger.co.uk/

Retoucher: Tatiana - https://www.behance.net/tamo_retoucher

Studio: Bristol Photographic Society - http://www.bristolphoto.org.uk/