Danielle Celeste - Stay a While

This music video was simply shot. We had a very tight time frame in which to shoot the video, so after having a discussion with Danielle we both agreed that it would be best to produce a "mock live session" style video.

This allowed us to get a wide coverage of smooth pretty looking shots with a single camera.

Lighting this way allowed us to capture a relatively soft image whilst creating a nice amount of contrast between the mid tones and the shadows as we did not throw a huge amount of light onto the scene.

I'm a big fan of contrasty lighting, and especially love the look that you get when you combine blues and oranges. It's almost a natural colour that you see at dawn or dusk, and when applying it to an interior scene, it creates a very dreamy effect. Perfect for the tone and pace of the song.

We shot the video on the Panasonic GH4 and kept the lighting setup pretty basic. The natural light pouring through the stained glass window really helped us out.

  • Key Light - Two faced 400w work light. Orange Gel. Diffusion
  • Fill Light - Two faced 400w work light. Heavily diffused with a mix of orange and blue gels.
  • Kicker - 500w open faced Lowel Omni Flood.
  • Back Light - Natural light coming through the stain glass window.